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The Copenhagen School for Dyslexia

The Copenhagen School for Dyslexia is an independent, self-governing institution originally founded by Erik Detlefsen and Eva Jacobsen in 1948.

Since its founding, the Copenhagen School for Dyslexia has offered specialized education and guidance for adults and young adults with dyslexia in the greater Copenhagen area.

The school offers a variety of services including

  • Access to and instruction in assistive technology options (hardware and software) specifically developed for Danish speaking individuals with dyslexia.
  • Specific educational support for dyslexic students during their secondary and higher educations (in cooperation with the Danish State Education Grant and Loan Scheme Authorithy - SU-styrelsen).
  • Special education in the form of small classes and individual tutoring in compensatory strategies for improving functional reading and writing skills.
  • Support in applying for grants for assistive technology (in cooperation with the Public Employment Service - Jobcenter).
  • Practical and vocational adult education: out of house classes in improving occupational reading and writing.

The school employs almost 30 people including remedial reading teachers, speech-language pathologists, psychologists, and professionals from different academic fields, as well as administrative and developmental staff.

The Copenhagen School for Dyslexia is run by a board of directors, however the daily operations and responsibility are managed by the school's director, Rie Nielsen.

For further information or requests, you are welcome to contact the school at +45 3542 7566.


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